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Gold & Silver Gift boxes

We are Premier to set a new trend in the Gift boxes for Jewellery shops.Our Gift Boxes are in two varieties as Silver boxes and Gold boxes.

  • 102 range of sizes
  • Attractive designs & Exciting Varieties
  • Unique designs

Also our Silver boxes and Gold boxes when packed with silver vessels give a prestigeous look and attraction of a no.1 gift to your customers. We mean that we are presenting worthy gift boxes,of which matter for your worthy gifts.

We are providing customized designs for special customers

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Plastic Jewel boxes

We are having a wide range of Jewel boxes(Plastic) which are having a decent book.

  • For All Jewels
  • Different sizes
  • Quick supply

Our Jewel boxes surely will enrich the presence of your beautiful jewellery items.

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Customized Notebook Covers

We are having another New product also with us ,used by notebook manufacturers as Notebook Cover Paper(Notebook Wrappers).

  • More than 240 designs
  • Unique and Attractive
  • Latest & Informative

We are supplying Notebook Wrappers in all materials as Duplex board,Whiteback board,Art Paper & Art board as per preference of the Notebook Manufacturers.

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